New Zealand captured in art film, Stray

Weekend Variety Wireless 16/07/2018
Credit: The New Zealand International Film Festival.

“Capturing New Zealand’s moody and majestic southern landscape with terrific clarity, Stray demands to be seen on the big screen.”

Graeme Hill speaks with Dustin Feneley, director of his debut feature film Stray, a beautifully shot Kiwi film playing at the New Zealand International Film Festival this year.

Describing it as more of an “image based” film, Mr Feneley says the film has a familiar New Zealand setting seen through a foreign lense.

The film explores two damaged strangers as they fall into a complex intimate relationship, shot in Otago against the backdrop of the breathtaking Southern Alps.

Check out the details for the film ’10 years in the making’ here.

Listen to the full audio with Dustin Feneley above.

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