Environews: Rivers Rear

Weekend Variety Wireless 22/07/2018

This week on Environews, author Neville Peat joins Graeme to discuss his new publication, Rivers Rear.

Rivers Rear is a biography of a conservation project that covers 25 years of Project River Recovery.

Mr Peat believes that the project was necessary because "the habitats of these braided rivers was degrading”.

Rivers Rear covers a variety of areas such as Mackenzie country, Twizel, Central Otago and more.

The book looks at all efforts - from predator control to the formation of new wet lands.

The pair discuss what‘s causing the decrease in species like the rare Black Stilt.

You’ve got the snuff movie to prove it.

Predators such as feral cats, ferrets, stoats, rats, possums and hedgehogs have all been filmed preying on native species.

Mr Peat informs Graeme about predator control, and lets us know how successful it has been. 

Listen to the full audio with Neville Peat above.

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