Science Report: Tech feats

Weekend Variety Wireless 05/08/2018
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Physicist Shaun Hendy joins Graeme Hill for this week’s Science Report to talk about the feats that technology has and hasn’t made.

Arthur C. Clarke predicted a number of technical advancements; which ones made it and which ones did not?

We all daydream about what the future will be like. So now that the future is here – the expectations we had for it are unevenly distributed.

Well, the internet made it to the future.

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During the 1960’s and 70’s a large variety of technical advancements were predicted .

First the pair discuss the things we thought we would have but don’t. Whether this is hovercrafts, flying cars and jet packs they cover them all.

Then they take a look at the technological advancements that were predicted and have occurred.

Listen to the full interview with Professor Shaun Hendy above.

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