Skeptical Thoughts: AIDS denialism and bullet repellent

Weekend Variety Wireless 09/07/2018
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The good news this week is that there has been a recent trial of a vaccine for HIV.

Mark Honeychurch joins Graeme Hill, to expose hoaxes, woo and scams for what they aren’t.

The trial has received an average of an 80 percent immune response to the vaccine.

This is a large jump, as the highest immune response previously recorded was 30 percent. More trials are scheduled to be done.  

However, although fact blatantly slaps you in the face, there are still a variety of people who believe that HIV and AIDS are not real.

These theories began back in 1984 following the publication of a paper titled The Group Fantasy Origins of AIDS by Casper Schmidt.

The paper looks at the idea that the disease is a product of mass hysteria.

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Mark also looks at magic and bullets in Nigeria. There are whole markets in Nigeria that sell magic charms with qualities such as making someone fall in love with you or hexing an enemy.

A man in Nigeria purchased a bullet proof potion - he died.

In recent days someone at these voodoo markets held something even more unbelievable  - bullet repellent.

The seller unfortunately died due to a gunshot wound.

Listen to the full interview with Mark Honeychurch above.

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