Why do people shrink when they get older?

Weekend Variety Wireless 23/07/2018
Credit: Unsplash.

Why do people shrink? We found somebody that has the answer.

Medical expert Tim Cundy joins Graeme Hill to tell us why and how.

Between the age of 30 and 70 men lose approximately 3cm, whereas women lose around 5cm.

By the time you reach 80 men have lost around 5cm and women have lost around 8cm.

There are other factors such as osteoporosis that can contribute to shrinkage also.

Does everybody shrink? Tim believes so.

It is dependant however on each individual case, as everyone is average or above average.

As well as chronic changes over time, there are changes to height throughout the day.

At the end of the day you are generally shorter than you are when you wake up – by at least a centimetre.

Can anything prevent this? Or is it an inevitability of being bipedal. Unfortunately there are not preventative measures.

From your toes to your hips your height should remain the same, but it’s the spongy bits in your back that change your height overall.

Listen to the full audio with Tim Cundy above.

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