Asteroid Ryugu older than the Sun?

Weekend Variety Wireless 12/08/2018
Photo: File.

Astronomer Grant Christie joins Graeme Hill to talk the latest in astronomy news.

Hayabusa2 is getting closer to the primitive asteroid, Ryugu. It's hoped that such pristine material can be brought back to earth as sampling for research.

See images of Ryugu from an altitude of 6km and an even closer view of Ryugu from 1km.

Why do we see meteor showers?

Dr Christie explains that when little bits of dust come off a comet and the earth passes through the trail, we see a sudden increase in meteors in the sky seemingly coming from the same point.

Here is an amazing animated 3D graphic that explains the visuals that peak in our skies at various times. The Earth is the blue orbit.

Not much happens on the moon very often. Recent video discoveries have found meteoroids are hitting the moon. What looks like walnuts hitting the moon’s surface, can do a lot of damage.

Dr Christie and Graeme also talk about the latest spectacular hubble telescope images of Saturn and Mars.

Listen to the full interview with Dr Grant Christie above.

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