Dybvig: Bear Hunt FAIL, and Trumpstuff

Weekend Variety Wireless 04/09/2018
Credit: AAP.

Warning: John Dybvig does try to contain himself, but there are a few swear-words used in his piece, so listen to this week's Letter from America at your own risk.

First up John Divbig and RadioLIVE's Graeme Hill take a gander the great American outdoor family bonding activity, Bear Killing, but why?

A contender for The Darwin Awards went after a bear with just a bow and arrow to try and even things up but it all went tragically wrong.

Did Donald Trump’s invective against John McCain while he was alive put him in a damned if you do, damned if you don’t position once he died?

John says “no way, the guy’s a jerk” and draws the stark contrast between the characters of McCain and the President.

A list of 18 current Trump scandals and John even leaves a few out.

John claims if Democrats take control Trump could be in big trouble.

Movie producers of “First Man” about Apollo 11 astronaut Neil Armstrong has chosen not to show the iconic American flag on the lunar surface, but why?

Listen to the full audio with John Dybvig above.

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