The state of our freshwater fish

Weekend Variety Wireless 19/08/2018
Credit: Getty.

The Department of Conservation has just released a new comprehensive scientific survey on the status and health of all our freshwater fish.

DoC’s Nicholas Dunn walks us through what it says and some of our lesser-known incredible creatures left stranded from the last ice-age.

But, what to do about our whitebait species?

Here’s a picture of a whitebait grown up. Credit: DoC.

Three whitebait species are either at risk, declining or endangered.

Should we be harvesting endangered native species? 

Forest and Bird’s Annabeth Cohen advocates for our wildlife and discusses the current regulations surrounding whitebaiting.

She also takes a look at the sustainability of fishing whitebait. 

Listen to the full interviews with Nicholas Dunn and Annabeth Cohen above.

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