Human parasites that inhabit and cripple society

Weekend Variety Wireless 13/08/2018
Credit: Istock.

Warning: This is not an easy listen.

Professor Graham Le Gros of The Malaghan Institute of Medical Research joins RadioLIVE’s Graeme Hill.

Prof Le Gros describes the wildlife that occasionally and sometimes permanently inhabits the human body and cripples many prospects.

At least a billion people are infected with the hook-worm, according to Prof Le Gros.

He also gives some valuable advice and warnings of not to be complacent, especially in tropical destinations.

Ascaria worms. Credit: Supplied.

Here are some videos of a couple of the parasites Prof Le Gros speaks about.

DO NOT watch if you are even slightly squeamish. The videos are almost certainly more repulsive than you think they might be. You have been warned. 

Listen to the full interview with Professor Graham Le Gros above.

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