Helping people leave conservative religion

Weekend Variety Wireless 13/08/2018
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Imtiaz Shams has been using his personal experience of leaving Islam to establish ‘tech for good’ start-ups to help people who leave conservative religions.

He joins Graeme Hill to discuss his own experience with leaving Islam, and how he helps people around the world to do the same. 

In 2012, he began creating "underground railroad" networks for ex-Muslims around the world.

He describes what it was like for him to leave and it’s not pretty.

Credit: Twitter.

He discusses why there is a blind-spot in many “progressives” towards the oppression of women, gays and apostates by Islamic authorities.

Mr Imtiaz was a guest of the New Zealand Rationalists And Humanists.

Listen to the full interview with Imtiaz Shams above.

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