Roger Hall: NZ Theatre, triumphs & duds

Weekend Variety Wireless 26/08/2018
Photo: Supplied.

Roger Hall is the highest profile voice behind the inaugural New Zealand Theatre Month running throughout September.

As New Zealand’s well-known and beloved playwright, Mr Hall talks frankly about theatre in NZ today, traps it falls into but also its continued relevance and appeal.

He discusses his remarkable career since immigrating to NZ, his triumphant return to London, bad decisions, writing for seminal NZ Television series like Buck House and Pukemanu, and the greats of NZ theatre writing.

Mr Hall tells RadioLIVE that Aucklanders are generally unaware of the quantity and quality of theatre performances in the city, and are missing out on a multitude of captivating and entertaining performances.

Graeme and Mr Hall also touch on Wellington, New Zealand's art city. He says Wellingtonians don’t realise how much theatre can be found in Auckland.

Mr Hall wants Aucklanders to be more aware too, and proud of the dramatic arts at our disposal.

Graeme and Mr Hall discuss the biggest enemies to theatre  – TV and online streaming, winter weather, and the cost. He doesn’t believe that theatres have recognised this, and that they are virtually stabbing themselves in the foot.

Listen to the full interview with Roger Hall above.

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