Media Stick: YouTuber beats BBC at their own job

Weekend Variety Wireless 03/09/2018
Credit: Great Central.

Paul Casserly joins RadioLIVE’s Graeme Hill to take a look at the goofs and gaffs of the media this week.

Mr Casserly takes a look at a little thing Graeme found on the BBC about Spinal Tap.

The stars of the cult classic say they haven’t made any money, and are additionally claiming $400 million. Apparently someone screwed them along the way.

Mr Casserly also looks at British Prime Minister Theresa May, who has sparked the minds of many across the globe.

When asked something along the lines of what was your naughtiest act – she admitted to "running through fields of wheat”.

That is what Mr Casserly refers to as a “dutch oven sort of question”. This led straight into a conversation about former New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark.

Helen – I reckon she’s looser than people think she is.

The topic brings up Graeme’s own experience with Ms Clarke that resulted in him calling her a variety of profanities, thinking she was a prank caller.

She called back.

Mr Casserly takes a look at the Mcfadden's Cold War on Twitter and Instagram. If you want to see some great scenes involving the likes of The Queen, Kim Jong-un and a character from Eastenders.

Graeme and Mr Casserly then look at the Sandy Hook denial debacle once again.

This follows the new release of BBC Trending, in which reporters traveled to the home of conspiracy theorist Wolfgang Halbig. However, the BBC didn’t do its job like YouTuber Myles Power did.

Mr Power managed to explore Mr Halbig’s falsification of his own history, and get to the bottom of a lot of his embellishments.

Listen to the full interview with Paul Casserly above.

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