Media Stick: 'Breaking news', racial framing and the Lizard of Oz

Weekend Variety Wireless 27/08/2018
Credit: File.

Tamar Munch joins RadioLIVE’s Graeme Hill to take a look at the media news of the week.

They take a look at the death of TVNZ broadcaster Greg Boyed, and the way in which the media dealt with reporting on the death of a friend and fellow journalist.

They did the news which I think was a brave and a right thing to do.

Ms Munch and Graeme also look at race baiting in headlines.

They take a look at a new piece by satirist Jonathan Pie in which he lays into agenda driven media.

The pair also look at CNN’s use of the term ‘breaking news’ over one afternoon. In the words of Graeme they got "excited for themselves".

Ms Munch also discusses Lenny Henry’s new video.

Listen to the full interview above.

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