Mrs Krishnan's closing the dairy and throwing a party

Weekend Variety Wireless 02/09/2018
Credit: Supplied.

The world famous NZ theatre group Indian Ink are touring a new spectacular stage production.

Mrs Krishnan’s Party looks at the events of the ‘Krishnan’s Dairy’ and the death of dairy owner, Gobi Krishnan.

It shows the way in which his wife, Zina, deals with his passing.

That’s where the unexpected happens - theatre should be unexpected.

Graeme speaks with Kalyani Nagarajan who plays the 53 year old dairy owner, Zina Krishnan.

She gives us the low down on the latest Indian Ink Theatre production, and her personal insight into her character.

The cast of Mrs Krishnan’s Party additionally invites the audience to share a part of the traditional Onam meal, make dahl and serve it to punters as part of the show. 

Listen to the full interview with Kalyani Nagarajan above.

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