Skeptical Thoughts: Monsanto, psychics

Weekend Variety Wireless 13/08/2018
Credit: File.

Dr Siouxsie Wiles joins RadioLIVE's Graeme Hill to expose hoaxes, woo and scams for what they aren’t.

She takes a look at recent claims that Monsanto’s products are linked to harmful chemicals and in turn cancer.

This is in light of allegations made against the company’s product Roundup that resulted in an American man winning $289,000,000 USD in damages.

Graeme and Dr Wiles take a look at psychics, and how a case from 1996 is making people question Kiwi TV show Sensing Murder.

Dr Wiles also explores those setting themselves up as ‘therapists’.

Listen to the full interview with Siouxsie Wiles above.

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