Steve Kilbey takes you to Church

Weekend Variety Wireless 20/08/2018

Steve Kilbey of The Church fame gets up close and personal with RadioLIVE's Graeme Hill. 

He discusses his life, influences, and just how hard is it to kick heroin? He’s an expert - he’s done it 8 times.

Everyone was just sharing and getting AIDS.

Mr Kilbey talks Graeme through his early life, how he went from novice to legend, and the bands that inspired him to take the plunge. 

Born in England, he describes himself as an "english wog" who has always had "a foot in both camps".

He takes a look at how this changed his stylistic approach to the music he was writing, and how it helped create the sound of The Church. 

I dont like ACDC...Bogans.

He also looks at how moving to Sydney started it all, because he couldn’t get anyone to listen to his music.

"Canberra was really sterile," he told RadioLIVE.

Known primarily as the singer-songwriter and bass guitarist of The Church, Mr Kilbey is still rocking out and writing.  

The band will be heading out on their Starfish Anniversary tour later this year.

Mr Kilbey also discusses drug legalisation, decriminalisation and his own experiences with substance abuse.

Listen to the full audio with Steve Kilbey above.

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