From The Gordons to Bailterspace, and everywhere in between

Weekend Variety Wireless 27/08/2018
Credit: NZMusician.

Equally frightening and marvellous, The Gordons shook the foundations of New Zealand music – literally.

The band emerged again many years later to become Bailterspace.

It’s an unusual story helped in its telling with exclusive interviews with bassist/guitarist John Halvorsen, Flying Nun founder Roger Shepherd and co-traveller videographer Stuart Page. 

Emerging onto the scene in 1980 as The Gordons, the band created a sound that still resonates over 30 years down the track.

The band was made up of:

  • Brent McLachlan – drums
  • John Halvorsen – vocals, guitar, bass
  • Alister Parker – vocals, guitar, bass

The band reemerged in 1987 with the name Nelsh Bailter Space, which later changed again to Bailterspace.

They received the IMNZ Classic Record award in 2013 for The Gordons' 1981 debut album.

Listen to the full interview on The Gordons above.

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