The rights and wrongs of science fiction

Weekend Variety Wireless 12/08/2018
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It could be time to say goodbye to the days of busy parking lots.

Physicist and author of joins Silencing Science, Shaun Hendy joins Graeme Hill to head back to the future with more of what science fiction has got right and wrong.

While flying cars seem more probable in the future, Mr Hendy believes teleportation to be more unlikely.

While it is possible to teleport the quantum state of one atom and impose that on another, the concept of recreating this with a human being raises a few begging questions.

Mr Hendy and Graeme dive nose first into the latest progressions in artificial intelligence (AI) with conversation over speech recognition, image processing and autonomous vehicles.

There have been big advances in what AI can achieve in the weird and wonderful world of anthropomorphised robots, gaming, and forensic investigations.

Meanwhile, UFO sightings are at an all-time low!

Uncanny and unnerving? Graeme predicts we might end up needing to break up with some software.

Listen to the full audio with Shaun Hendy above.

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