Fighting Boko Haram, real witch hunts in Nigeria

Weekend Variety Wireless 06/08/2018
Credit: Supplied.

Nigerian human rights advocate Leo Igwe has campaigned against child witchcraft accusations and works in difficult circumstances against the grim effects of superstition throughout Africa.

Mr Igwe joined RadioLIVE’s Graeme Hill to discuss his own personal experiences with witchcraft accusations, and the ways in which he uses it to help others.

He tells Graeme he was born in Nigeria, amidst a nationwide war, and was raised strictly Catholic in a community that shared the same religious views.

But Mr Igwe left his priesthood study to start the Humanist movement.

Radicalism in regards to faith is dangerous, especially when you bring in sacrifices and other rituals, he says.

Mr Igwe says he wants to change the climate of belief within his own country and around the world.

Listen to the full audio with Leo Igwe above.

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