Human Statistics: The second Ipsos New Zealand Issues Monitor

Weekend Variety Wireless 23/09/2018
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Ipsos' Jonathan Dodd joins Ryan Bradley to take a look at the results of the second Ipsos New Zealand Issues Monitor.

These findings are based on 611 NZ Adults and their answers regarding individual concerns.

This varies from questions regarding the perception of the Labour-led coalition Government to housing and fuel prices.

Jonathan and Ryan take a look at the answers, and explore the differences between answers from youth to the responses of those over 65 years old.

They also take a look at the impact of gender on the individual’s answers.

We’re looking at the stats…opposed to us just having a ramble here.

They then take a look at marketing psychology, specifically segmentations.

Jonathan explores how researchers have developed categorised personalities. These types are “Reserved”, “Role Models”, “Average” and “Self-centred”.

He explores each of these personality types, and how marketers categorise people too fit them.

Jonathan also takes a look at how these categorised personalities impact statistical findings. 

Listen to the full interview with Jonathan Dodd above.

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