MEDUSA director talks feminism and acceptance

Weekend Variety Wireless 23/09/2018
Credit: QTheatre.

A trio of visionary feminist theatre makers Nisha Madhan, Julia Croft and Virginia Frankovich have created a play called MEDUSA.

Using personal experience as creative inspiration, they have crafted the show as a protest against what they see as stagnating views of feminism in New Zealand.

They believe the movement isn’t being taken as seriously as it should, with feminism more of a fad commodity than a legitimate political standing.

Director Julia Croft joins Ryan Bradley to take a look at the new show hitting Wellington and Auckland this September and October.

The team use the classic Medusa myth as a launch pad to create a multidisciplinary show to portray women’s anger at being delegitimised in our society.

With the Wellington premiere two days after the 125th anniversary of women’s suffrage in New Zealand, the timing of MEDUSA couldn’t be better.

Virginia, Julia and Nisha are set to continue the same fight that women in this country did over a hundred years ago.

Currently on show at Wellington's Circa Theatre, MEDUSA will then head to Q Theatre in Auckland on Thursday 25 October.

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Listen to the full interview with Juilia Croft above.

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