Media Stick: When did men get the vote?

Weekend Variety Wireless 24/09/2018
Leighton Smith. Photo: File.

Tamar Munch and Ryan Bradley trawl through the week’s weirder media stories and events.

They take a look at the latest from the developing strawberry needle story.

Then the pair explores Kim Hill, who had some fun with New Zealand First MP Ron Mark on RNZ’s Morning Report on Tuesday.

Tamar and Ryan also take a look at this year's Emmy Awards which featured an on-stage proposal. Interestingly the proposal was very calculated – and some people are calling Oscar’s director Glen Weiss out for hypocrisy.

This week, Newstalk ZB’s Leighton Smith came out with some preposterous ideals in light of the New Zealand Suffrage anniversary.

He posed the question “when did men get the vote?”, completely taking away the focus of the anniversary.

He went on to say “I love being around women” and “I don’t like bitches and bastards”.

Tamar reckons what Mr Smith was saying was "bloody nonsense”.

This is shock-jock stuff.

The Spinoff’s Hayden Donnell has investigated the recent scourge of “Ban 1080” spamming on news stories.

He’s explored how activists have high-jacked a variety of news sources with spam, and just how the anti-1080 brigade is getting their message across.

Listen to the full interview with Tamar Munch above.

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