Media Stick: Billionaires love us, revisiting the cult of the baby

Weekend Variety Wireless 10/09/2018
Credit: Newshub.

Tamar Munch and Graeme Hill trawl through the week’s weirder media stories and events.

In the week that TVNZ Pacific Correspondent Barbara Dreaver was held in Nauru, Tamar regales her own story of being held for being a journalist.

It's time to revisit the cult of the baby. A kids’ book about Jacinda’s baby - really?

Tamar and Graeme have an update regarding MasterChef – and it’s not looking too good for BBQ Dan this week.

They also explore MasterChef’s “ice cream disease” in previous seasons.

Tamar is “appalled” by the boujee handmade ice cream they mention on the show, even going so far as to say it is “rubbish making your own ice cream”.

US Billionaires just love New Zealand. There have been two interesting perspectives on why in one week.

OMG they said New Zealand!

Then Pauline Hanson vs Derryn Hinch this week. NZ gets a shout-out from Pauline. We’ve got manners?

And finally long-running Aussie soap neighbours goes full-on product endorsement and it sounds very weird.

Listen to the full interview with Tamar Munch above.

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