The collapse of Northland's forests

Weekend Variety Wireless 30/09/2018
Credit: Forest & Bird.

One of the last forested areas in New Zealand to be infected with possums is now in big trouble.

Large mature Rata, Rimu and Totara are left like ghosts due to intensive possum browsing and the native animal life is a shadow of what it used to be in living memory.

Forest & Bird’s Northland spokesman Dean Baigent-Mercer says we should never accept this as a new normal and has a plea for action.

Mr Baigent-Mercer also has a few strident things to say about 1080 poison and environmental sabotage.

See a classy video about it here.

Note: Since this interview was recorded aerial 1080 treatment of the Russell Forest has begun.

Listen to the full interview with Dean Baigent-Mercer above.

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