Artist Penny Howard's new exhibition Mana Muse

Weekend Variety Wireless 24/09/2018
Penny Howard's previous works. Credit: Supplied.

Artist Penny Howard joins Ryan Bradley to take a look at her new exhibition on display at the upcoming Auckland Art Week.

Her exhibition, called Mana Muse, opens at Whitespace in Grey Lynn, Auckland from September 30 until October 26.

The artworks focus on identity, and many of her pieces focus on wahine from her family and their individual stories.

A red thread runs through all her paintings which comes from I ngā wā o mua – the Maori ideal that we take the past with us into the future.

The exhibition focuses largely on four important women from Ms Howard’s life, including Green MP Marama Davidson and singer Anika Moa.

She discusses her influences, her artistic choices and how she doesn’t like being “confined by squares".

Listen to the full audio with Penny Howard above.

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