Revisiting the history of Parihaka

Weekend Variety Wireless 17/09/2018
Credit: Newshub.

Rachel Buchanan joins Ryan Bradley to take a look at her new book Ko Taranaki Te Maunga which roughly translates to Taranaki My Mountain.

The book looks at Te Pahuatanga, or the invasion of Parihaka.

In 1881 over 1500 trips invade the village off the coast of Taranaki that resulted in the expulsion of many iwi members, the destruction of buildings and the jailing of two prominent chiefs.

The book itself also explores Rachel’s own very personal story of Parihaka.

It begins with the death of Rachel’s father, a man with connections to many of Taranaki’s eight iwi. She goes on to discuss her own connection to Taranaki - both the land and the mountain.

She explores the impact of its confiscation not just on its people but on society as a whole.

Listen to the full interview with Rachel Buchanan above.

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