Skeptical Thoughts: Grief vampires, Baa Baa beads for cats?

Weekend Variety Wireless 23/09/2018
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Skeptic Siouxsie Wiles joins Ryan Bradley to expose this week’s woos and scams.

First up, the pair take a look at some crowdfunding quackery.

The BMJ have just published a report on the amounts of money being crowd funded by people in the UK for cancer treatments.

There are worries that huge sums of money are being raised for treatments that are not backed by evidence and which, in some cases, may even do patients harm.

Siouxsie then gives us a look at what she has coined 'grief vampires'.

The family of a Northland woman who has been missing since February have been contacted by a psychic who says she has information on what happened.

The psychic apparently claims the woman was picked up in a white, double-cab, flat-deck truck and taken somewhere way up north with a red barn where she was punched in the head, had her jaw broken, stabbed under the left rib, raped and killed, and her body dumped there.

The psychic has apparently even given a description of the perpetrator – rough with a beard, wearing camouflage gear, and a ring on his left third finger that has a greenstone on it.

Apparently the missing woman’s son has called it “a load of s**t” and reported it to the police.

Ryan and Siouxsie explore the massive increase in advertising spending on vitamins and supplements.

And finally they explore how the people behind Baa Baa amber teething beads are trying to open up the market to pets.

They are selling them as a way of controlling fleas on your pets – and they’ll cost you between $45 and $120.

According to their website they act as a flea repellent in two different ways.

Listen to the full interview with Siouxsie Wiles above.

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