Skeptical Thoughts: Indian scammers, Alex Jones losing his grip

Weekend Variety Wireless 17/09/2018
Photo: Getty.

Skeptic Mark Honeychurch joins Ryan Bradley to expose this week’s woos and scams.

Mark discusses his Church visits this week.

A visiting academic, Hamed from Iran, had never seen a Christian service before so Mark decided to show him two extremes of what church can be.

They discuss Hamed’s impression of the two services, and how one was a lot more like what he was expecting than the other.

Ryan and Mark then take a look at Indian scammers.

Mark had a phone call from “Spark” this week, speaking to a couple of Indian gentlemen who explained that his private IP address had been made public.

Of course it was a scam.

Mark luckily thought to record the conversation a couple of minutes into it.

Ryan and Mark also visit the subject of Alex Jones - the American conspiracy theorist.

This comes in light of a recent interview in which Mr Jones cut off US Republican Senator Marco Rubio, and came across as somewhat unhinged.

Listen to the full interview with Mark Honeychurch above.

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