Weekend Variety Wireless: In case you missed Saturday

Weekend Variety Wireless 07/10/2018

In case you missed it, here's a look back at the best bits from Weekend Variety Wireless with Graeme Hill on Saturday 6th October, 2018.

Science Report with Emily Parke

Photo: File.

Auckland University Philosopher of Science Professor, Emily Parke joins Graeme Hill to answer his questions and give the latest in science news.

Octopuses are incredibly intelligent creatures. So what happens when you give them MDMA? A recent study displays some very uncharacteristic behaviour of the touchy, feely kind.

Also, discovery of weird deep sea critters and BPA-free plastics just as harmful as BPA stuff?

Astronomy with Dr Grant Christie

Photo: Kenric Ma.

Astronomer Dr Grant Christie joins RadioLIVE's Graeme Hill to reflect on the latest in astronomy news and outer-space photography.

MASCOT has landed on asteroid Ryugu. Here is a close-up

Also, what happens when two supermassive black holes merge?

Plus, an exceptional image of the Sun in solar eclipse taken by winner of the 2018 New Zealand Astrophotography Competition, Aucklander, Kenric Ma. 

New Zealand’s Plain English Awards nominations are open

Photo: File.

New Zealand’s Plain English Awards nominations are open. 

Chief Judge Ralf Brown joins Graeme Hill to explain what they’re looking for… plain English perhaps? Doing so can be harder than one might realise.

The best & worst will be announced in November. Go here to find out more. 

Words with Max Cryer: Bling, G-string

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Wordsmith, Max Cryer, joins Graeme Hill to banter over words, their origin and their meaning.

The fascinating origin of ‘bling’ is explored by the two.

Plus, who, exactly, is a hard case? And why the G in G-string?

Ask Max a question about words and the English language and he’ll get his nose into the books.

Human Statistics: Populism and Politics

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Jonathon Dodd, Ipsos research director joins Graeme Hill to give insights from polled people around the world.

First up… populism. Mr Dodd was President of the ‘Anti-ABBA club’ at about 12. Does that count as populism?

Attitudes towards politics and way of life globally are explored and theorised.

Bird Of The Year mid-term update with Forest & Bird’s Megan Hubscher

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The annual Bird of the Year competition is mid-way and it seems hackers have struck again with results having showed a suspicious spike in the Australian vote for the ‘Shag’.

Go here to vote.

Rhian Sheehan: A Quiet Divide

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Rhian Sheehan is rather an outsider in New Zealand music but he’s world famous for emotional atmospheric audio-landscapes.

He joins Graeme Hill to discuss his new album 'A Quiet Divide' which is out this week.

Take a listen and look at the sparkling Soma Dreams video here.

Listen to the full interviews above.

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