Weekend Variety Wireless: In case you missed Saturday

Weekend Variety Wireless 21/10/2018

In case you missed it, here's a look back at the best bits from Weekend Variety Wireless with Graeme Hill on Saturday 20th October, 2018.

Science Report

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Matt Visser, mathematician/physicist at Victoria University Wellington and recipient of the Royal Society’s Hector prize for extreme smartness in his area joins RadioLIVE's Graeme Hill.

He works on black holes, time-travel and the bits where quantum physics and relativity don’t compute… yet.

Astronomy with Grant Christie

Credit: NASA.

This week on Astronomy - Go look at the Moon tonight.

It’s international Look At The Moon Day!

There may be big problems in searching for life in one of Mars’s subterranean lakes.

  • For the Space Weather Lectures go here and you can get free tickets here.
  • Take a look at this stunning HD video of the Moon over a month. 

And from the Moon, a 2015 Hi Res picture taken from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter of that famous “Earth-Rise” first taken in 1968.

Human Statistics: Holidays for rich people

Credit: Instagram.

Ipsos Research Director Jonathan Dodd joins Graeme Hill to discuss the question -  where do the world’s wealthy go for their hols?

You’ll be surprised.

Cinema with James Croot

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James takes a look at rock stars in cinema, and the duds and the good ‘uns.

Words with Max Cryer

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This week pipe-dream, boycott, wracking your brain and why on Earth do we pronounce gauge gayj?

Ask Max a question here and Graeme will pass it on to Max.

Environews: 'Why is that lake so blue?'

Credit: Supplied.

Simon Pollard, science communicator to New Zealand’s youth joins RadioLIVE’s Graeme Hill to discuss his new book Why Is That Lake So Blue?

It’s a really neat thing and you could be in to win a copy.

Wreckless Eric

He shot to fame in 1979 with Whole Wide World.

Remind yourself here.

He chats with Graeme about getting fat and old, Ian Dury and tons of random but entertaining stuff.

Go here for his NZ gigs.

Albums From The Class of 1978

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This week poet Linton Kwesi Johnson’s musical debut - Dread Beat An' Blood.

A very English work brimming with real-place and real-time social tension.

Go here for the Albums Turning 40 Archive.

Listen to the full interviews above.

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