Poet Sam Hunt shares the poem that ‘stays tapping’ in his mind

Weekend Variety Wireless 21/11/2018
Sam Hunt.

New Zealand poet Sam Hunt isn’t the sort of fellow who remembers stuffy, “up your ass” kind of poetry.

At 72, Mr Hunt says that for him, poetry is simply an extension of who the poet is.

The iconic poet told RadioLIVE’s Graeme Hill that a poem will stick around in his head when it truly knocks his socks off.

“You can’t forget some,” Mr Hunt said, reciting lines by Polynesian and Peruvian poets to the Weekend Variety Wireless host.

One of Mr Hunt’s favourites, called ‘The Collar-bone of a Hare’ by WB Yeats, is one of those that he simply can’t forget. “It stays there tapping,” he admitted, laughing. “Tap, tap, tap.”

The poet emphasised that remembering poetry isn’t about painstaking memorisation, but rather, carrying beautiful ideas like a well-packed suitcase on a long journey.

“When [a poem is] part of your luggage, in your head and in your heart, it’s great,” Mr Hunt told RadioLIVE. “You can travel light.”

Mr Hunt’s latest selection of poems, titled Coming To It, combines old favourites with dozens of new poems. 

Listen to the full interview with Sam Hunt above.

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