Weekend Variety Wireless: In case you missed Saturday

Weekend Variety Wireless 16/12/2018

In case you missed it, here's a look back at the best bits from Weekend Variety Wireless with Graeme Hill on Saturday 15th December, 2018.

Science report 

Shaun Hendy. Credit: File.

Physicist and author of Silencing Science, Shaun Hendy joins the show.

Astronomy with Grant Christie

Credit: Getty.

Voyager 2 now in interstellar space. Nice little video here.

  • Did a supernova kill off large oceanic animals like the Megalodon?
  • The Fermi Paradox. Why haven’t we heard anything from other intelligent life?
  • Grant lines up the amazing discoveries in astronomy in the 13 years he’s been doing this awesome segment.
  • Asteroid Bennu's clearest image yet

Cinema with James Croot

The best of 2018 and a flashback to when The Bounty came to New Zealand with its megastar cast.

Words with Max Cryer

Goat. Credit: Unsplash.

Christmas, hare-brained, turncoat and the weird origin of “get my goat”.

Lead with Professor Thomas Lumley, Chair in Biostatistics at Auckland University

Buzz Aldrin

Credit: Reuters.

Graeme replays one of his favourite interviews of all time.

He sits down for a yarn with space hero Buzz Aldrin.

Back Stage Passes

Credit: File.

Joanna Mathers new book on the untold story of NZ live music venues from the 1960s to 1990s.

Graeme’s all-time favourite interview

John Cooper Clarke promised to come to the studio and spin some of his favourite discs as well as discuss his own life and work.

He was good to his word but Graeme got only 15 minutes' notice and had to bring doughnuts.

Listen to the full interviews above.

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