Albums from the Class of 1978: More Songs About Buildings and Food

Weekend Variety Wireless 24/02/2018

Graeme is joined by music critic Grant Smithies as they delve into Talking Heads’ 1978 masterpiece More Songs About Buildings And Food, a personal all-time favourite for Grant.

This is the first Talking Heads album where Brian Eno for all intents and purposes joins the band and you can hear him everywhere... when you know what to listen for.

Grant details how David Byrne revealed to him in an interview that he suspects he was an undiagnosed Aspergers in the early days of the band and all that neurotic weird nervous jittery carry-on was no act.

Bassist Tina Weymouth said on the naming of the album; 

What the hell do you call an album that’s just about Buildings and Food?

Mr Smithies says this album is, "One of my favourite records ever made."

'Take me to the River' was a big hit off the album... however it was a cover. Graeme asks, why was this one the hit?

Listen to the full audio with Grant Smithies above.

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