WATCH: A Kiwi has created what may be the most mindblowing skateboarding video of all time


The 30-year-old from Auckland features in a new video for Death Skateboards with influential skating magazine Thrasher saying it reminds us there "are no rules in skateboarding".

Sporting Salvador Dali-esque facial hair and a wardrobe straight out of the 70's, Jackson is seen transitioning from board to caution sign which he rides down a hill, sliding across benches before jumping back on the board and activating and grinding a moving electronic gate.

Mullen also invented the darkslide which Jackson opens his video with a variation of down a set of stairs.

It harks back to the days of legendary street skater Rodney Mullen who invented a number of tricks, including the kickflip and heelflip, in flat ground freestyle sessions.

However, the pinnacle of the video features Jackson skating onto a yellow barricade which he rides down a large concrete spiral staircase.

Social media users have mostly praised his unique style while some have branded it "simple".

Jocks with no imagination hate on this dude because they can't relate to any part of his style. On or off the board," one user wrote.

He gets a lot of hate because a lot of his tricks aren't super big," another said.

"The way he makes up for it is by being INSANELY technical and creative. The uses of the road signs/wet floor signs were some of the coolest things I've ever seen in skateboarding."

Louis Anderson-Rich/Newshub.