VIDEO: Footage of alleged foreign driver in South Island goes viral

The video of a rented blue 4WD-type vehicle was published in late January and has been shared hundreds of times and viewed more than 151,000 times.

It shows the vehicle driving on the wrong side of the road for extended periods of time, and at two points in the video is forced to veer out of the way of oncoming cars .

It is thought the incident happened in late January on the popular Queenstown to Wanaka mountain route.

The video was filmed from the car behind the blue vehicle and posted by cameraman Damon Forde.

Newshub contacted Mr Forde for comment on Monday. He gave permission to use the footage and said he would provide specific details on the incident, but has yet to do so.

He questioned whether overseas drivers should be allowed to drive on New Zealand roads.

He claimed the driver was stopped by police and "won't be driving here again".

Mr Forde says he tried to stop the driver twice and knew he was a "tourist and not drunk" because he was there when police stopped him.

A police spokesperson said because there was no specific date the incident happened and the car's registration plate wasn't clear in the video, it would be difficult to confirm whether action was taken against the driver.

However, they confirmed a driver received an infringement notice for failing to remain in the correct lane while driving on the Crown Range around the same alleged time as the incident.

They could not confirm it was the same incident Mr Forde filmed, or what nationality the driver was.