VIDEO: The most expensive mansion in the United States is on the market

The mastermind behind a Los Angeles mega mansion has revealed what inspired him to design the most expensive property in America.

The house - valued at $250 million (NZ$341m) - is based in Bel Air and is designed by handbag tycoon and property developer Bruce Makowsky.

He conceded there was a limited market for the property - as there are only 3000 people in the world who could afford it.

He designed the house 'on spec' which means it was built with the belief that someone will eventually come along and want to purchase it. But the buyer has to be the right person.

Mr Makowsky said he wants someone who will "fall in love with the place" and "die over it".

"If you're going to spend over 12 hours a day in your home it should be the most amazing experience in the world," he told the Associated Press.

The mansion boasts a 40-seat movie theatre, six bars, a massage room, bowling alley, fitness centre 12 bedrooms, 21 bathrooms and three kitchens.

It even comes with a world-class chef and seven in-house staff - and a private helicopter. It's not hard to see why the mansion is described by its maker as a "sensory overload".

"I've shown this house about 25 times now. People go in and use just about every adjective on half of the lower level. Every single thing in this house makes you feel like you're in heaven."

He is suggesting to people who have billions of dollars sitting in their bank account, to enjoy every second of their life and explore investing in his property.