Traintrack CCTV shows incredible number of people crossing as warnings sound


Footage released by Auckland Transport shows a train barreling down the tracks before applying emergency brakes to narrowly avoid hitting a woman crossing the tracks.

The cross shave occurred after the woman looked right but failed to look left before crossing the tracks. Warning lights and bells were going off.

Megan Drayton from TrackSAFE says more than 100 people have died in New Zealand in the past ten years on railway tracks, tunnels and bridges. “Most railway deaths are preventable if people follow basic safety rules around tracks and trains – only ever cross railway tracks at formed level crossings and obey the signs and signals that are there to protect you.

"Trains are extremely fast and quiet, they can’t swerve to avoid a person or object on the tracks. The best the train driver can do is put on the emergency brakes and hope for the best."