'You don't tell great jokes': Paula Bennett to Jacinda Ardern


The Government has committed to constructing rail to Auckland Airport, but not within the next 30 years. It's ripe joke material - an opportunity Ms Ardern's team wasn't going to pass up.

Addressing the Prime Minister, Ms Ardern asked, "Can [Bill English] confirm that by the time Auckland gets rail to the airport under his plan, he'll be 86, I'll be 66 and Todd Barclay will be into his teens?"

Todd Barclay is a 26-year-old National Party MP.

"That was hilarious!" Ms Bennett can be heard saying above the laughter. The remark is sarcastic, but when questioned on The AM Show on Friday, she backtracked, delivering a bouquet of backhanded compliments.

Turning to Ms Ardern, Ms Bennett said the joke was "reasonably funny, because you don't usually tell jokes".

"You don't tell great jokes," she told Ardern before addressing the rest of the room: "She doesn't tell jokes in Parliament."

Is that the echo of "zip it, sweetie" I hear?

Anna Bracewell-Worrall is a digital journalist with Newshub

Watch the video for the full political panel.