Teen who threw elderly woman into pool turns himself in


A teenage boy believed to be at the centre of a disturbing video showing an elderly woman being body-slammed and thrown into a swimming pool has been arrested, according to reports.

Sixteen-year-old Leon Balfour is believed to have turned himself in to Miami Police on Monday night (local time) over the alleged offence, reportedly saying "I messed up and I have to own up to it".

Footage of the incident shows 68-year-old Nancy James entering a community pool to tell those having a party there to turn down their music - but rather than her request being complied with, she is instead assaulted.

Ms James can be seen entering the party with her two dogs to speak to the host - but as she approaches, she begins to be taunted and laughed at, with a female heard yelling "Throw her in!" - and moments later, Mr Balfour runs up from off camera and picks her up to do just that.

However, he slips while picking her up and the pair both fall over - the impact causing the woman's head to bang sickeningly against the ground and nearly crushing one of her two dogs as the other ran away in fear.

Mr Balfour is then seen getting up straight away, again lifting the woman and dragging her forcefully towards the pool before dropping her in and jumping in after her.

The video concludes with maniacal laughter from most of those at the party as they fled the scene. Ms James said some "wonderful kids" stayed behind to help her, and to track down her dogs.

In an interview with ABC, Ms James showed serious bruises on her shoulder and leg - and the network revealed that Mr Balfour will now face a charge of battery on a person 65 years of age or older.

He is currently being held at Broward County Juvenile Detention Center, and will face his charges at a juvenile court.

Local police are still investigating the incident.