Toddler's impassioned haka sets internet alight


In the video, posted to Rotorua local Herea Winitana's Facebook page, the boy can be seen holding a stick while some other children chant the vocal component of the haka.

After some time standing motionless, the toddler comes to life with moves resembling the Maori war dance, as he pulls faces, swings his arms and jumps up with fervour.

The youngster can hardly keep the smile off his face when he's not contorting it into cheeky expressions, and dozens left comments marvelling at his huge ability at such a young age.

"OMG!!!! Just a cutie!!!!! A real warrior!!!" one wrote, while others noted that he was a "legend" and that watching the video had given them goosebumps.

Another video of the baby performing the haka has found its way to Facebook page Maori Worldwide, where it has been viewed more than 5 million times and shared more than 73,000.

This article originally appeared on Newshub and has been republished here.