VIDEO: Latest on Social Media with Aziz - in studio


Mark Sainsbury is joined in studio by Aziz Al-Saafin from The AM Show to talk on the latest happenings on social media. Top trend today: Donald Trump.





·         Don't look now, but it seems like Comey's Revenge has officially begun — and it's not looking good for Trump.

·         A memo from the recently fired FBI director made its way to the New York Times Tuesday and it was jam-packed with damaging claims about the president.

·         Among the most outrageous were the allegations that Trump asked James Comey to shut down the federal investigation into Trump's former national security advisor Michael T. Flynn and — equally as worrying — that he floated an idea to lock up reporters for publishing classified information.

·         How exactly the latest, potentially wildly damaging revelation will play out remains to be seen — but in the meantime, Twitter had a schadenfreude-fest.

'Obstruction of Justice' shot to the top trending list within hours

Impeachment was a popular subject

#TRUMPHOTEL - Protest message projected on Trump hotel in Washington DC

·         A Trump International Hotel in the US capital has been used as a drawing board for anti-Trump messages.

·         The messages, projected by Washington DC based artist Robin Bell (@bellvisuals) read: "Emoluments Welcome", "Pay Trump Bribes Here" as well as the Constitution's emoluments clause.

·         Several people who commented on the images on Twitter said they were "beautiful".

·         One suggested starting a fundraising campaign to do this in Trump establishments elsewhere.

·         The display comes at a time when the Trump administration is involved in a furore around the President's sharing of classifed information to Russian officials.

·         While the projections were met with praise by some, supporters of the president maintain there is no proof or evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia.

·         Trump has defended his "absolute right" to share "facts" with Russia.

#INSTA VS SNAPCHAT - Instagram Finally Adds Selfie Masks for Stories, Along with New Creative Tools

·         It had to happen, right? Instagram has finally crossed the last threshold with their Snapchat-cloning Stories feature, the final element which they’d not yet duplicated. This week, via the Instagram blog, the platform has announced the arrival of what they’re calling ‘Face Filters’.

·         The addition makes perfect sense – as Instagram continues to grow its Stories option, and push to challenge Snapchat, they need to provide all of Snapchat’s Stories tools. If you can get all the same features on Insta, where more of your friends are present, why go to Snapchat at all?

·         Along with the addition of Face Filters, Instagram’s also adding a new ‘Rewind’ option to enable users to make Stories videos that play in reverse.

·         Instagram’s also adding new customizable hashtag stickers, enabling you to add any tag you want and append it to your image.

·         There’s a lot of stuff to take in, a lot of new options - basically, Instagram has now duplicated all of Snapchat’s Stories options to some degree. And given Instagram has been growing faster than ever since the introduction of Instagram Stories, it’s probably safe to assume the new additions will prove popular.

#LOVEISILOVE - Happy international day against homophobia, biphobia & transphobia

·         @TheEllenShow: Today’s a great day to show love to someone who’s different from you.

·         Always be proud of who you are no matter what because the real issue is that if you have a problem then you are the problem #loveislove


Technology meets the high seas!

1.       Minn Kota: Automatic Positioning Motor: Electric outboard motor that connects to satellites through GPS and can automatically hold a boat in place without the need for an anchor

2.       Rescueme Digital: Flare  A new digital flare (big advantages over the old fireworks-style and re-useable

3.       Ray Marine Flir: A thermal camera set-up: thermal cameras are becoming big news on boats: so much easier to spot someone in the water on a nasty night than with the traditional spotlight

SEGMENT THREE: QUIRKY STORY - MY FAMILY’S SLAVE – A REPORTER’S FINAL STORY (Journalist Alex Tizon carried a secret his whole life)

·         "She lived with my family for 56 years. She raised me and my siblings, and cooked and cleaned from dawn to dark — always without pay… I was 11, a typical American kid, before I realized she was my family's slave."

·         Lola was a domestic servant who had been with Alex's family going back a whole generation.

·         Tizon's family brought her with them when they immigrated to the U.S. in 1964 from the Philippines. From the outside she looked like part of the family. The reality was the Lola was forced to sleep in hallways or storage spaces. She was not allowed to go back to the Philippines to see her family and she was isolated from the world. She worked from dawn until dark, and she took verbal abuse from both parents.

·         Tizon struggled with this dark part of his family's past his entire life and was finally able to put Lola's experience into his own words. But the author passed away unexpectedly of natural causes at the age of 57 on March 23.


·         Do Instagram photos shared by women get more likes than shots from men? YES.

·         A new study of over a million Instagrams suggests that on average, posts from women receive nearly five times more likes and comments than those from men.

·         The data comes from a study by Hopper HQ.

·         Out of the 1.2 million Instagram posts from over 4,000 accounts considered in the study, posts shared by women had an average of 578 likes and comments combined over men’s 117 average.

·         The study also suggests that posts relating to personal experiences — ranging from travel to weight loss — receive the most likes.

·         Images with animals came in second, and  scenic shots were the third most popular type of photo.

·         Hashtags of course matter as well – with #love, #instagood, #photooftheday, #beautiful, and #tbt trending.