VIDEO: Schapelle Corby watches media coverage of her from a hotel


Australia's most infamous convicted drug smuggler Schapelle Corby has been home from her Indonesian incarceration for two days, and has managed to escape the media swarm.

After about nine years behind bars and four years on parole in Bali - where she was caught with 4.3kg of marijuana in her boogie board bag - Corby was deported back to Brisbane.

She has faced feverish media attention but has so far managed to escape the cameras. When more than 40 journalists and photographers booked flights on a Virgin Airlines plane, thinking it was Corby's ride home, she secretly switched to a business class seat on Malinda Air with her sister Mercedes.

Corby's whereabouts on home soil is now unknown. On Monday she shared a cryptic Instagram post, depicting her on what looks like a fantastical pink creature in an otherworldly setting.

"Didn't you know? She caught a flight yesterday to Cairns," her mother Rosleigh Rose told local media outside their Loganlea home.

But the latest Instagram post from Corby suggests she is hiding in a hotel. Local media believe she's at Brisbane's Sofitel hotel. Bodyguards have been recognised at the site, and Corby's video post appears to show her in a hotel room, watching coverage of a decoy car being followed overhead by helicopter.

Corby is now a social media icon, with nearly 170,000 Instagram followers which were racked up in a short period of time. 

Her homecoming has been a bizarre series of events, including a man in a Halloween-style mask surprising Weekend Sunrise reporters at Corby's family home, and Corby's escape from media at Brisbane Airport in a motorcade of black Mercedes vans.