VIDEO: Australian woman recounts horrific attack from her Tinder date

Dr. Angela Jay told Channel Seven's Sunday Night programme she thought she was going to die when Paul Lambert attacked her in her Port Macquarie home in November 2016.

The pair had met on Tinder less than two months earlier.

Their relationship progressed quickly but Dr Jay said she began to feel smothered after about six weeks.

When she tried to end the relationship, Lambert began stalking her, creating fake profiles on social media and harassing her with phone calls and text messages.

He threatened to harm himself, and turned up at her house, stealing her keys and sending her messages telling her she wasn't safe in her own home.

Lambert continued to watch Dr Jay from a lodge next to the hospital where she worked.

Then, on November 3, he broke into her home and hid in her wardrobe. About an hour after the 28-year-old got home from work, Lambert attacked.

"As I was turning the corner to enter my bedroom, he jumped out at me and I screamed and he put his hand around my mouth so that I couldn't scream," Dr Jay said.

He told her he just wanted to talk, but when she tried to run, he began stabbing her.

"I didn't actually feel him stabbing me but I could see the blood when I looked down and I just thought in my head, 'he is actually stabbing me, he is going to actually kill me'," she said.

Lambert doused Dr Jay in petrol but this allowed her to slip from his grasp and run to her neighbour for help.

Lambert took off in a hire car, eluding police for two hours. They eventually stopped him with road spikes near Coffs Harbour.

He kept advancing on police and, when a Taser didn't work, police shot him dead.

Dr Jay told Channel Seven she was overwhelmed with relief at news of Lambert's death.

She has since become an advocate for White Ribbon, an Australian campaign against domestic violence.