VIDEO: "Don't do this to me" - Duncan Garner saves his son Buster from choking


Duncan Garner has recounted the "dreadful experience" of his young son choking on food and not knowing how to save him.

The AM Show host said both he and six-year-old son Buster knew how bad things could have got after the boy ate a piece of bacon without first cutting it.

They'd gone to a café after Buster's rugby league game on Saturday: "he was starving, he's always hungry".

"We got some breakfast and there was some bacon and he was putting the bacon in his mouth, really hungry, and we tell him to chop it up, but I hadn't noticed he hadn't and he put it in his mouth and I noticed he was choking.

"He looked at me and I could see, it was just me and him there, mum had gone," he said on Monday.

Garner started "whacking him on the back", but to no avail.

"I didn't know how to do the [Heimlich manoeuvre] and I looked at him…and I thought 'no, not me, don't do this to me.'"

Thinking quickly, Garner reached down his son's throat to pull out a piece of bacon rind.

"Then he coughed and the rest of it came out. His eyes welled up, I gave him some water and we both sat there."

He described the cough as "like winning Lotto", but also thought about what would have happened "if I hadn't have got that bit of bacon loose".

The host then promised to have a segment on the show to show people what to do in those kinds of situations and how to do the Heimlich manoeuvre.