VIDEO: Hollywood reporter reveals best (and worst) celebrities to work with


Entertainment reporter Sam Rubin has pretty much interviewed all the stars during his 20-year career reporting on Hollywood, from "quiet, unusual" Michael Jackon to Prince and Tom Hanks.

Speaking on The AM Show on Monday, Rubin said stars like Jackson genuinely have a quality the rest of the population doesn't possess.

"What separates us all from these superstars, I think genuinely, is this incredible ability.

"People who, for the most part, tend to rise to the top, have it," he said.

Word spreads quickly within entertainment circles, with some actors gaining reputations for being reliably kind to reporters; others for being the nastiest. 

When asked about the nicest Hollywood star, Rubin instantly named Tom Hanks. He noted, however, Hanks is usually very involved in promoting movies, but has been suspiciously absent from promotion for techno-thriller film Circle, in which he stars alongside Emma Watson. That's probably because the film's been widely slated by critics. It has just a 15 percent score on Rotten Tomatoes.

And the worst celebrity interview? Rubin reckons that gong would go to 70-year-old actor and filmmaker Tommy Lee Jones, who starred in No Country for Old Men, Jason Bourne and Men in Black.

"The person where people have come out of the room crying is Tommy Lee Jones because he will call you out - 'Is that your question? You can't possibly be talking to me about that.'  He'll dismiss you," Rubin said.

But he was sympathetic to the rounds of interviews stars like Jones have to endure - "They'll sit in a room all day, and every five minutes another dope will walk in."

Other celebrities can be difficult or generous depending on the movie they are promoting. If they know it's a flop, actors can struggle through rounds of interviews.

"I've had conversations where I've walked in and they've literally said to me, either through their eyes or literally said, 'Let's talk about anything but this movie,'" Rubin said.

He said working as an entertainment reporter can be great fun, especially for those who enjoy drama.

"The thing about it - Hollywood is high school with money; the petty jealousies, the misbehaviours that all take place at high school, just at an amplified scale."