VIDEO: Hone Harawira serious about executing Chinese meth dealers


Mana party leader Hone Harariwa is doubling down on his call to execute Chinese - and only Chinese - meth dealers.

Mr Harawira revealed the bold new policy on The Nation on Saturday, telling The AM Show on Monday he's targeting Chinese because China is the biggest source of methamphetamine (also known as 'P').

"International research will confirm that the greatest source for methamphetamine is China, the greatest source for the precursors of methamphetamine is China, the greatest source of expertise for the production of methamphetamine is China," he said.

At the weekend Labour MP Kelvin Davis wondered if Mr Harawira was going to suggest throwing drug dealers' body into a hangi, and cooking them for the homeless.

But Mr Harawira insists he is "absolutely" serious. The controversial former MP said the policy is modelled on Singapore "where they have a comprehensive education policy, where they have a three-strike penal policy and execution of drug smugglers".

Asked whether the policy would apply to Māori or Pakeha, he replied: "Let's start somewhere, let's start with people who are actually bringing it in".

He said putting more money into counsellors and police won't end the P scourge.

"In my community I've been to tangi, I've been to hui where P is at the centre of the chaos. It leads to lying, stealing, cheating, bullying, bashing, killing."

Deputy Prime Minister Paula Bennett said on Saturday it wasn't a policy the Government was presently looking at.