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Every Thursday from 11:30am till midday, Mark Sainsbury is joined in studio by Aziz Al-Saafin from The AM Show to talk the latest on social media. What is 'covfefe'?

SOCIAL WITH AZIZLE - 1st June 2017

#COVFEFE: “Despite the constant negative press covfefe” – Donald Trump invented a new word.

Trump deleted his tweet about the constant negative press about 'covfefe', but that didn’t stop the covfefe firestorm.  

·         It really is a case of closing the stable door after the horse has bolted.

·         From  definitions on Urban Dictionary to merchandise, and official covfefe Twitter accounts… EVERYONE is waying in on COVFEE.

He did at least show a sense of humour about it all when he woke up this morning.

·         @realDonaldTrump: Who can figure out the true meaning of "covfefe" ??? Enjoy!

·         James Corden wrote “I’m gonna try and go back to sleep now. Everyone stay #covfefe”

·         J.K. Rowling shared a life lesson: “You’re all laughing, but perhaps the real Twitter is the covfefe we make along the way.”

But what does covfefe mean?

There have been many attempts to try and work it out, with the most popular theory being that he meant coffee.

·         Some think it could be cheese while others say he could be communicating in Russian.

·         Others said it should have been ‘coverage’.

·         URBAN DICTIONARY: When you want to say “coverage” but your hands are too small to hit all the letters on your keyboard.

Then there’s the pronunciation:

·         Is the V or first F silent?

Tweets - With one misspelled word, @realDonaldTrump gifts Twitter the #covfefe meme:

·         Jimmy Kimmel: what makes me saddest is that I know I'll never write anything funnier than #covfefe 

·         When they go low, we covfefe

·         Macona haf more covfefe

·         “If u think you’re above covfefe you’re part of the prob-fefe,”


EARLIER in the year I told you about Trump creating fake accounts and using them… now it seems he’s buying them…

-          Donald Trump’s Twitter followers are growing…. And by ‘growing’, I mean he is gaining hundreds of new followers every minute.

-          But a large percentage of the followers have no picture… or tweets… or followers themselves.

-          Oh, and pretty much all of the accounts were created in May 2017.

-          Trump has somehow gained five million followers in the last few days???

-          According to Twitter Audit over 14.7 MILLION are fake…. Meaning just over 50% are real.

-          Barack Obama has 89.2 million (only 59 million to go, Trump).


Twitter played a crucial role in the U.S. election of 2016, and now it's looking to reprise that position in the upcoming U.K. race.

·         The BBC will live-stream five election specials on Twitter bringing these key election moments to audiences on the platform.

·         These specials include the BBC Election Debate on May 31, the two Question Time Leaders Specials on June 2 and June 4, the Newsbeat Youth Debate on June 6, and finally, the Election Night Results Special on June 8.

·         Promising an “interactive experience,” Twitter users will be privy to a real-time curated timeline of tweets that allow followers to see commentary as it happens from BBC experts and BBC Reality Check.

·         They’ll simply need to follow or the hashtags #bbcdebate, #bbcqt, and #bbcelection.

·         “It is in the public interest for BBC audiences to hear from those seeking election and the BBC’s TV specials are moments when the public focus on the campaign and get to hear politicians answering their questions.


This website gives an instructive -- if not completely reliable -- glimpse at impending automation.

·         A new website hopes to answer a question in the minds of many people — “Will my job be automated?”

·         If you’re a priest, podiatrist, dentist, or photographer, you can expect to stay employed, according to the site. If you’re a technical writer, taxi cab driver, or accountant, you might want to start retraining.

· is based on legit Oxford research.  

·         On the site, users can type an occupation, such as teacher, and select from a list of associated professions, like teacher assistants (56 percent chance of automation), choreographers (0.4 percent), or animal trainers (10 percent). You’re also free to view jobs at random.

·         The website also goes a bit deeper, offering additional data on things like projected growth, median salary, and the number of people employed in each role as of 2016.


·         Denny's on Demand, which lets you place an order from your phone, is a further sign of the integration of the food service and mobile spaces.

·         Denny’s new ordering platform promises a “quick and easy way to place a mobile or online order for takeout or delivery.”

·         The 60-year-old chain developed its new platform in tandem with digital ordering provider Olo, and includes a comprehensive revamp of the company’s mobile app. So not only can you order from Denny’s whenever you’d like, but you can also find the nearest outpost of the restaurant, customize an order, and pay for takeout or, where its available, delivery via Olo’s Dispatch delivery network.

·         Best of all, ordering promises to be available in select markets 24/7 through both mobile and desktop, where you can select a pickup or delivery time, track your order, and (perhaps unwillingly) examine your order history.


Already being hailed as the Superhero film of the decade / Critics went positively nuts

It looks like #WonderWoman is the film DC and Warner Brothers were looking for--reviews are praising the film.

-          "Wonder Woman" could be the first female-fronted superhero blockbuster. No pressure, Warner Bros.

-          'Wonder Woman' is the most inspiring superhero movie in years

-          Debuts To Incredible Ratings On Rotten Tomatoes! 96%

-          Far fresher than most recent superhero movies


-          First things first: Gal Gadot is incredible as Wonder Woman: Diana is a tricky character: She needs to be optimistic but not naive, fierce but not frightening, unquestionably good but not tragically boring, intriguingly alien but human. Gadot nailed it.

-          Chris Pine isn’t so bad himself: Gadot and Pine have fantastic chemistry and Pine does well as the audience surrogate, displaying appropriate amusement and curiosity at Diana’s strange ways.

-          Themyscira is, indeed, a nice place to visit: the CGI is incredible.

-          There is a lightness here not found in other DC films: Apparently people are feeling inspired.

-          Director Patty Jenkins did an incredible job.

TWO: #FEARLESSGIRL - An angry city sculptor is seeking redemption for Wall Street's Charging Bull

'It has nothing to do with feminism': Angry artist places sculpture of a urinating dog next to 'corporate nonsense' Fearless Girl statue on Wall Street

-          Alex Gardega's statue of urinating dog, he calls the Pissing Pug, was placed near Fearless Girl's left leg.

-          He said Fearless Girl statue was put in front of the famed bull as publicity stunt

-          Gardega, who claims he is 'pro-feminism', said Fearless Girl isn't feminism

-          He placed dog there because Fearless girl 'disrespects artist who made the bull'


-          Gardena is every white guy who can't stand that he has to compete with women. What a loser!

-          Who was the person who added the pissing dog to the Fearless Girl statue.  I want to ask him why female strength scares him.

-          Better headline: "Artist makes statement about his fear of powerful little girls

-          Just when I thought #malefragility was so 2016