VIDEO: Paris drivers confounded by 'ghost motorbike'


A scarcely believable piece of footage filmed on a major motorway near Paris, France has shown a motorbike travelling at speed down the stretch of road - but without someone riding.

The bike, which sparked huge confusion for other drivers travelling along the A4 motorway, can be seen travelling for hundreds of metres at much the same speed as the car the person filming was in.

In the video, the bike can be seen speeding down the road in somewhat of a straight line before hitting a barricade - but it still remained upright, and continued to travel along the motorway.

However it has since been revealed that the ghost bike is not a supernatural event, an act of Photoshop trickery nor an elaborate prank.

It turns out the motorbike did actually have someone on it, but the rider, who is in his 20s, was knocked from the bike after colliding with another vehicle and getting an arm injury.

It is reportedly common for motorbikes to be able to travel for large distances without a rider when the vehicle's cruise control function is blocked.