VIDEO: Social Media update with Aziz Al-Saafin, 15th June 2017


Mark Sainsbury is joined by Aziz Al-Saafin every Thursday to talk the latest on social media. Today, the top trend online is the Grenfell Tower fire.



First broke out on Twitter – photos and video – raw content on the ground

·         Facebook turned on its safety check: You can now add a fundraiser directly to your Safety Check status, as well as a personal note to loved ones. When you come across another user's Safety Check post in your News Feed, it will include more information about a given crisis situation for users who don't know what's happening. The company is also expanding the platform's Community Help tool for all crisis situations.


A WOMAN claiming to be a resident trapped inside London’s Grenfell Tower fire has posted a series of terrifying tweets describing the horror within the burning inferno.

·         Twitter user @rszy is just one among many social media users describing the shocking scenes, which have been described by one witness as “haunting screams”.

·         The woman, who is yet to be identified, began tweeting as the fire grew out of control. When Celeste Thomas posted an image of the out-of-control fire, @rsrzy posted about her own scary circumstances.

·         Maseen, who lives near the huge tower block, said:

My friend, Ranya Ibrahim, lives on the top floor with her two friends who are just three and five years old. I received a Snapchat video at 3am just after the fire started and I haven't heard from her since.

As London woke to reports of a massive blaze that ripped through Grenfell tower in the west of the city, offers of free shelter and assistance were quickly made online.

·         Singer Lily Allen, who lives close to the tower. “If anyone need a bed or a lift or tea, tweet me and I'll follow back," she tweeted, before urging her followers to donate clothes, toiletries, sanitary products, portable phone chargers and toys to the appeal at Clements Church in Kensington

·         Chef Jamie Oliver said those affected were welcome "to come hang out in my restaurant and be fed and watered by my Jamie's Italian team".

·         Some set up crowdfunding pages raising thousands of pounds to help the victims.

·         Many offered "clothes, lifts" as well as their own homes to those in need of shelter.