We haven’t come far with energy, but let's start!

Rural Exchange 26/08/2017

Centralised and regulated electricity distribution is slowly becoming a thing of the past with the rise of solar, bottled gas’ popularity and wind turbines.

Richard ‘Loey’ Loe explains his rural property is completely off the grid and finds it interesting what Genesis Energy are doing in the space of helping rural people to manage their energy through innovative monitoring technologies rather than just ‘selling’ energy.

There are so many things on the farm these days that require electricity and monitoring your usage to save money. You might still have the electric fence ticking over your phone line, but things in the ‘energy’ space haven’t changed much when it comes to powering your tools to run your business...until now. Genesis Energy’s CEO, Marc England, explains how they are re-imagining energy from the good old days

Learn more at the Genesis Energy website here.